Kids Day Log 3.3.5
(System Requirements - Windows 7 through Windows 11. XP and Vista versions here.)

Download Kids Day Log Now!

The Kids Day log program is completely free and fully functional. Please use it to encourage the young people in your family and neighborhood towards the great hobby of Amateur Radio!

Log Features:

Very easy and intuitive to use!

Checks for duplicates (including partials).

Lists all contacts.

Lists multipliers by band.

Lists countries worked.

Provides a country look-up function.

Provides many current statistics.

Interfaces with most Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu radios.

Provides DX spotting.

Computer generated CW via either your serial port (including RTS or DTR com line options) or Winkeyer and play wave files via your sound card.

Interfaces with many digital programs and other software via API including Fldigi, JTAlert, PSK Express and more!