With Deepest Thanks...

We can't thank everyone who has taken the time to offer input, ideas and suggestions for N3FJP Software enough. Your input has made the success of N3FJP Software what it is today. The time that you have taken to test the software, put it through its paces, offer ideas for enhancements and spread the word is truly appreciated.

We'd especially like to thank:

Miles, WK5K, who built the original Country list for us – that is a much bigger job than you might think!

Perry, K4PWO, without whom I'd still probably be trying to get the LoTW web site to accept an upload!

Kelley, W0RK, who was a tremendous help with the orignal rig interface function.

Ed, W4RVZ, who was the guiding force behind the original "Definitive Guide to AC Log" documentation.

Brian, K7RE, without whom you all would NOT have RTTY capability in the original VB6 versions of the software.

Jim, AD1C, Who took over maintenance of the country files in 2010 and is doing an outstanding job!

These fellow amateurs have gone above and beyond the call, and it is truly appreciated.

I am so very grateful for a loving and understanding family, who have supported and been personally involved in this continuing adventure. They have sacrificed much time, patiently waiting for their husband/daddy/son to get up from the PC or radio and give them the time they deserve.

Finally, and with deepest thanks, I’d like to thank and praise God for orchestrating all of the events that have come together to make this adventure possible.

73, Scott, N3FJP