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We want to thank you for purchasing our software!

A few years ago, as the number of our software programs being developed grew, we decided to create the software packages to provide our customers a discount when purchasing all of the programs together. However, we did not want to leave out all the great people who had supported us before this "brain storm" hit, or those who were frantically trying to register a single log program just before a contest. We decided to offer our customers the option to apply the amount they have contributed so far towards the purchase of a software package.

Upgrade to N3FJP Software Package ($59.99 - amount you have already registered)

N3FJP Software Package includes full registration of all my amateur radio software (more than one hundred programs in all)! Simply install the software from this website whenever you like. This option also includes free registration of any additional amateur radio software that I add to the package, as well as free upgrades to existing programs. There are no annual / maintenance costs of any kind. Simply pay once and you are set with N3FJP Software for life! This option is a great deal and your best value! To register all the programs individually would cost over $400.00!

To Upgrade your Current Registration(s) to the Package:

If you decide to upgrade your current registration(s) to the package, please send us a message using the e-mail address below. We will check our records and give you the balance that is owed. After we receive the upgrade amount, we will forward the rest of the passwords to you via e-mail.

Upgrade to N3FJP Software Package Registration

After we have e-mailed the amount of your balance to upgrade to the package, please choose one of the following payment options:

Please send Cash, Check or Money Order payable to Affirmatech Inc. for registration of any program or package. Please be sure to include your call sign and e-mail address with your request so we can process your registration promptly! Please send your payment to the address below:

Affirmatech Inc.
G. Scott Davis, N3FJP
118 Glenwood Road
Bel Air, MD 21014-5533

PayPal Acceptance Mark

To purchase by credit card via PayPal, please click the "Buy Now" icon below. Please be sure to include your call sign with your order by clicking "Add" for Special instructions to the seller on the PayPal order form in the Shipping address section.

After you complete your transaction, you will see a "Thank You" page, and PayPal will send you a Receipt of Payment in just a few minutes. When we receive Notification of Payment from PayPal, we will promptly send your password list via e-mail. If you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours, please send us an e-mail. Your PayPal payment will be sent to:

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