Password Help

When you register our software, we will issue a password for all the programs that are purchased. All of our programs require a password for continued use beyond the trial period.

If you order our software package, we will provide a list of individual passwords for the programs except for the State QSO Party Logs which will have one password (via package registration) to register all of them.

Whether you download from our web site or the CD, the programs are in an unregistered state when you install them. When you open the program for the first time, you will see a Registration screen. At the bottom of this screen you will see two text boxes: one to input your call sign and one to input the 5 digit password for that program. You must input your call sign in the call field and the appropriate 5 digit password in the password field with no extra spaces or characters. After doing this, click the Continue in the lower right hand corner. You should then see a small Thank you form. Unless you need to reinstall the program, you only need to use the password for initial registration.

Frequent Password Questions

I sent a registration through PayPal for your software, and I haven't heard anything from you.

Number One Rule - Don't Panic! If you are using an e-mail or SPAM filter, please be sure that you are able to accept messages from the address below:

We respond to 100% of ALL e-mail received within 24 hours. If you have not received your passwords within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder to see if your N3FJP Amateur Radio Software e-mail is caught in there.

If the message is not there, or you cannot access your SPAM folder, please send us another e-mail and include an alternate e-mail address if you have one, or your telephone number, so we can get the password to you. We have probably received your e-mail, but for some reason you are not receiving our replies. Believe is just as frustrating for us to receive multiple e-mails from you and not be able to get back to you in kind! Thank you for your patience!

I lost my password(s). Now what do I do?

You can recover your password(s) and request an updated password list here.

I have changed my call sign and my old password(s) are now invalid.

You can request an updated password list for your new call sign here.

I am a registered package customer. You have added new programs to the package since I received my password list.

You can request an updated password list here.

Please keep a copy of this message in a safe place so that you have a record of your new password list.