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When we first started creating N3FJP Software in 1997, Kimberly, Chris (who was only 7 at the time) and I never dreamed how the programs would take off, evolve and how much interest would develop for them! We can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm, suggestions and encouragement along the way!

Our original programs were very basic. We had not yet added features like rig interface, sending CW, ADIF export, web database interfaces, callbooks, LoTW, eQSL, DX spotting, Cabrillo submissions, networking, detailed country and prefix lists, etc., so there weren’t nearly so many ongoing support questions in the early days.

Writing these logging programs has always been a labor of love, but as the feature list for our software has grown and more programs have been added to the package (now more than one hundred programs in all), customer support has increased exponentially. Servicing our existing programs now takes much more time than we ever foresaw.

In addition, we continue to receive new program and feature requests, updates are required as contest rules change and the O/S and programming language itself keeps evolving. In short, just supporting our existing programs has become a huge job for just the three of us.

One of our commitments from the very beginning has been to keep our prices low. We are in this for the love of the hobby and we want our software to be as accessible to as many hams as possible. Most of our programs are less than $10 each, and package users enjoy more than 100 programs for less than $1 each with free upgrades and free support!

Many of our users have appreciated our prompt support and the additional enhancements that we have made freely available to registered users along the way, so they have asked for a method to support us, even though we have made upgrades and additions to our package free!

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Kimberly, Chris and I are very grateful for your continued support! Thank You!

73, Scott