AC Log and Contest Program Upgrade Steps

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If you are upgrading from an old, 3X (or even earlier) version of AC Log, don't uninstall before upgrading. Instead, please see the steps for upgrading from 3X (and earlier) versions farther down the page.

Steps for upgrading from AC Log 4.0 and later and Contest Programs:

For versions of all of our software (AC Log and Contest Programs) released as of January, 2021, on start, the version on your PC will detect if there is a newer version available and prompt you to upgrade. It is virtually a one click process!

If the version on your PC is older than January 2021, with the program that you are upgrading closed, you only have to click the Download link from the specific contest program's web page. For Amateur Contact Log, just click this download link here.

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Steps for upgrading from all prior VB6 versions of AC Log (from 3.4 and earlier):

Click this download link and allow the installer to run. Let the new version install in its own working directory (just follow the prompts). DO NOT attempt to install the program in the same directory as a previous version of AC Log.

Start AC Log, enter the password we previously sent you or enjoy the 45 day free trial if you haven't yet registered AC Log! Upgrades are always free to registered users!

To transfer your log data, from the old version of AC Log (or any logging program that exports in ADIF), click File > Export ADIF and save the file to a location you can easily find.

From the new version of AC Log, click File > Import ADIF and select the file you exported.

Since this is entirely new code with a new file format, there isn't a way to bring over your customized settings from the old version of AC Log, but I think you'll find setting AC Log back up even quicker and easier then the old version!

Upgrading to future versions of the rewrite will be as simple as uninstalling this version and installing the next!

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