State QSO Party Programs Revision History

The following is a brief summary of the revisions to the state QSO party programs:

9/26/2017 Pennsylvania In State 4.2 & Out of State 4.0

- Added additional Canadian sections to multiplier list per 2017 rule changes.
- Added the use of + to log multiple counties at once (default File Share logging method only).
- Auto advance to the next DX spot on enter (Press Ctrl + Shift + E to turn on the auto advance option).
- Clear a DX Spot from your keyboard (press Ctrl + Shift + X with the call you want to clear in the call field).
- Press Ctrl + Shift + Z to advance to the next DX Spot (rig interface must be enabled).
- Option to spot DX on entry (enable by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T).
- Obtain the long path bearing by clicking on the Bearing label (while it is currently displaying the direct bearing).
- Option to log the contact by clicking on the blue dialog label.
- To update the contest elapsed time counter to robot calculated time, click on the operating time label.
- Additional API commands.

8/22/2017 Veromont In State 1.2

- Maps DX to specific countries on Cabrillo output.

7/25/2017 Iowa In State & Out of State 1.7

- Updated programs for rule changes (added digital mode and consolidated NF, LB into NL).

7/24/2017 Hawaii In State & Out of State 1.0

- Added support for Hawaii QSO Party.

2/15/2017 Vermont In State 1.1

- Corrected to show VT as a multiplier on the main form.

1/24/2017 Arkansas In State & Out of State 1.8

- Removed bonus station defaults at the request of contest sponsors due to frequent bonus station changes. Users to enter manually.

1/04/17 All Versions

- Added ability to select the sound card or device (RIGblaster, SignaLink, etc.) that you want to use to play your audio wave files.
- The % character sends county abbreviation instead of full county name in CW string.
- Added ability to record wave files for transmit (Settings > Transmit > Phone)
- Removed Windows Media Player dependency.
- Flex radio users can now connect to their rig via a Flex API to read and change the frequency and mode of the active slice.
- Additional API commands (0.9) as requested by users and developers.
- Additional DX Spotting filter options including blocking stations in your country and stations not in the Super Check Partial list.

10/24/2016 South Carolina In State & Out of State 1.8

- Updated bonus point calculations for latest rule changes.

10/11/2016 All Versions

- Additional API commands (0.8), as requested by Fldigi, PSK Express and other developers.
- Ability to quickly and easily switch between two rigs as configured on the rig interface form (Just press Ctrl X).
- To clear the band map, click on the band map and then press Shift C (this only affects the band map, not the DX Spots list).
- Ability to add an offset on frequency change such as clicking on a DX spot.
- To quickly display the frequency column in the QSO list in any contesting program, click Ctrl + Shift + F.

9/27/2016 Texas In State & Out of State 3.6

- Corrected bonus calculations when working the same mobile in more than 14 different counties.

8/23/2016 Pennsylvania In State 3.9

- Updated Canadian sections to mirror ARRL Field Day in accordance with a rule change.

6/27/16 All Versions

- Ability to check the entity status in your master log when you tab from the Call field in your contest log via API.
- Transfer QSO Records via API (File > Transfer via API).
- Added history file option (Settings > History File).
- Rig Interface via API (Settings > Rig Interface > N3FJP API).
- CW via API (Settings > Transmit > CW).
- DX Spots Summary Graph (View > DX Spots Summary Graph).
- Type frequency in Call field and press enter to change frequency.
- Modified frequency change form behavior so that it will optionally close on action.
- Additional API commands (API version 0.7).

4/15/16 All Versions

- Added Application Program Interface (API) functionality (Settings > Application Program Interface).
- Added CW PTT to key linear amplifiers (Settings > Transmit > CW).
- Added ability to temporarily disable band and mode updates from rig interface (press Ctrl + Shift R).
- Updated address label tags for Cabrillo output in compliance with the latest Cabrillo output specification.
- Press Ctrl + Shift + S for programs to read next serial number (for blind hams in programs where applicable).
- Press Ctrl + Shift + H to hide the Horizontal / Vertical button on the band map (click a blue area of the band map first).
- Band and mode (based on frequency) determined by band plan file.

12/18/2015 Sourth Carolina In State and Out of State 1.4

- Updated Cabrillo output to include bonus points for working the two bonus point stations.

10/11/2015 Pennsylvania In State 3.6

- Allows logging of rover if user only enters PA (WPA and EPA previously supported to log rovers).

7/11/2015 Arkansas In State and Out of State 1.3

- Changed Digital to 3 points per QSO with new rule change.

6/08/2015 New Jersey In State and Out of State 1.4

- Updated Cabrillo output for column specifications.

5/20/2015 Ohio In State 3.5 and Out of State 3.4

- Updated for new rule changes including removing serial number and adding RST to exchange.

5/18/2015 South Carolina In State and Out of State 1.3

- Updated for new rule changes.

4/21/2015 Ontario In State and Out of State 1.1

- Corrected scoring of bonus stations so that points are added before the multiplier is applied.

4/15/2015 Michigan In State 3.4

- Rule change: 1 DX multiplier per mode. Updated program accordingly.

1/12/2015 All State QSO Party Programs

- Added option to display dx spots on a separate form (Ctrl+Shift D).
- Ability to save and load CW settings for easy transfer to other N3FJP logging programs.
- Ability to save and load phone wave settings for easy transfer to other N3FJP logging programs.
- Removed Tech + from frequency privilege form.

12/02/2014 All State QSO Party Programs

- Band map DX spotting zoom scale and rig tracking features added.
- Spot last button on main form.
- Ability to adjust CW character spacing for PC generated CW.
- Addition of Super Check Partial, which can either be displayed in the Possible Duplicates window, or on a separate floating form.
- Dynamic scale resizing on band map form reflecting range of actual posted DX spots for a given band.
- Option to display band map automatically on start up.
- Resize the main form and the individual controls will reposition after you complete your mouse move.
- Your customized main form dimensions are saved on exit.
- Press Ctrl F to display a small form to quickly change your rig's frequency, band and mode. This form can optionally be set to display on start up from the rig interface form.
- Pressing Ctrl W displays the CW setup form as always, but now, you can also press Ctrl > Shift W to display a tiny version of the form showing your F key strings. This form can optionally be set to display on start up from the CW setup form.
- Press Ctrl > Shift C to display the bearing as a compass point as you type the call.

10/20/2014 Pennsylvania In State and Out of State 3.3

- Modified Cabrillo bonus calculation to ignore bonus station call sign /ABR (abbreviation) entries when searching for matches.

10/14/2014 Tennessee In State 1.1

- Modified Cabrillo output to display the prefix of the call when DX, at the request of the TN QSO party sponsors. No changes required for the out of state version.

10/11/2014 Pennsylvania Out of State 3.2

- Modified the out of state version to write the ARRL section instead of state. No change necessary for the in state version.

10/07/2014 Pennsylvania In State 3.2

- Modified the in state version to accept PA, as well as the multipliers EPA and WPA. No change necessary for out of state version.

10/04/2014 California In State and Out of State 3.2

- Added 6M and 2M bands.

9/21/2014 New Jersey In State and Out of State 1.1

- Removed 2M from the band options at the request of the NJQP folks.

9/16/2014 Maine Out of State 1.1

- Corrected scoring multipliers.

8/28/2014 Ohio In State 3.2

- Corrected DX multiplier to count one dx multiplier per mode instead of just one, regardless of mode.

8/13/2014 All State QSO Party Programs

- Ability to set DX spots filtering.
- Ability to display a DX spots band map (press Ctrl E from the main form to display).
- Ability to set have the program speak the details of a DX spot.
- Contest status web page FTP uploader
- Ability to list recent QSOs filtered by the same band and mode.
- Additional error checking to let you know if you have the clients set to TCP but forgot to also set the server to TCP.
- Ability to see the QSO rate time statistics of your specific PC (from the settings menu).
- Additional TCP error checking.
- Clients networking in TCP can now make local backups.
- Backups for both File Share and TCP are now in ADIF.
- Before downloading country file from AD1C, gets path to file from
- CW Buffer Form (Ctrl K).

2013 - 2014 All State QSO Party Programs

- Completed rewrite from VB6 to C#.NET for all the supported state QSO party programs at that time.

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